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Pamela Weisberger

Two new maps were just published on the Gesher Galicia Cadastral Map Room:

Rudnik Cadastral Map 1853

A full-color lithographed cadastral map of the town of Rudnik (Rudnik
nad Sanem, Ridnik, Riduk) on the river San, surveyed and lithographed
in 1853. This excerpt of the full map includes the entire northern
half, with the town center and all residential and business buildings;
the southern half of the cadastral area (not shown) includes some
tilled and grazing parcels plus extensive forest land. The
well-developed town core includes a large town hall, an estate and
ornamental gardens, Jewish and Catholic cemeteries, a church, canals
and water control for a large mill complex. Extensive redline
revisions for a future edition of the map include clearance and right
of way for the future railroad southwest of the market square.

Kozowa Cadastral Map 1846

A partial, full-color cadastral field sketch (feldskizzen) map of the
town of Kozowa (Kozova, Kosowa, Kosev) >from an initial survey of 1846.
Although only a few sheets of this map have survived for archiving,
those covering the business and residential center are preserved. The
sketch is rough and only a partial fit could be made, but buildings
and parcels are carefully annotated and numbered, including a Jewish
section south of the market square. Also shown on the map are Roman
Catholic and Greek Catholic churches, large estate grounds, as well
as a few properties still marked 'unknown'(unbekannt) at the time
of the survey.

View the full inventory for the Gesher Galicia Map Room here:

Read more about mapping in Galicia and the Austrian Empire in our
reference section:

Thanks to Jay Osborn, our digital cartography coordinator, for his
continued efforts in bringing these wonderful maps to life.

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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