Ukraine SIG #Ukraine A word of caution regarding replies to requests for assistance #ukraine

Stephan Owen Parnes

Dear Friends,

Many of us are very happy to help our fellow researchers when they post
requests for assistance. Sometimes we feel that the response is of
sufficient general interest to share with the List; other times we wish to
share information privately. When we share information privately, we may be
doing so because we feel it is not information that is significant to the
general list or we may wish to share something sensitive information

When we desire to respond privately to a posted email, therefore, we must be
careful to review the addresses to which our reply is being sent.

Last week, however, I discovered a completely new (to me) problem. I set
up a response to a particular member of the list. I was careful to remove
the list's address >from the headers. I left the email in HTML, which is not
accepted by the list. I sent it to the private email address of the
poster--and only later discovered that it did not go to the poster but
rather to the list. Fortunately, the email was bounced automatically.
Unfortunately, it was only days later that my information was transmitted to
the original poster.

When I looked further into the issue, I discovered that although individual
poster's address was in the "To" field on the reply form, it was only
apparently that address. The actual address (which was the listserv
address) was hidden by the poster's address.

While I am not technically knowledgeable enough to understand how this came
about, I realize that this may have happened to other researchers as well.

I would therefore recommend that when you reply to an individual rather than
to the list, you respond using a blank email form (or that you erase all
addresses on the reply form) and type in the correct address without copying
and pasting.

May we all share great success in our searches.

Stephan Parnes
Lancaster, PA

Moderator's comment: It does work when you copy ONLY the sender's address
and paste it into a new email. Many automatically hit the "reply" button
which copies the ENTIRE digest and sends it to the list!

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