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The State Archives of Kirovograd Oblast has identified specific records
that I am interested in.
They gave me these instructions for obtaining a copy of the records:

For archival statements you need to transfer 1,058 hryvnia and 87 kopecks
to the bank account 31253201104257 archive GUDKSU in Kirovograd region MFO
823016 code 03494480.

When I showed these instructions to the manager at my bank, she explained
to me that bank wires require specific information: and address of account holder receiving funds and address of bank receiving funds
3.swift code and account number (or IBAN number-27 digits)

I subsequently asked the Kirovograd archives for these three items but
they did not reply.
A second request also went unanswered.

I'm ready to wire the money; I just need clear instructions. Has anyone
else had this problem? I am especially interested in hearing >from anyone
who has obtained records >from Kirovograd archives.

Steven Zuckerman
Rockville, MD

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