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Seven years ago I took a trip to Annopol in Ukraine to see where my
paternal grandfather was born in 1890. I posted a short write-up with
photos on my personal website:

Since that time, I have received many passionate emails >from more than
60 people of you who wanted more information about this tiny Jewish
village where they had roots as well.

I realize JewishGen offers excellent resources for those researching
Ukraine, I think there is now critical mass to start a separate Google
listserve where we can share information solely about Annopol.

A cousin of mine, Aaron Ginsburg, did a similar Google effort for a town
in Belarus (Dokshitsy) where other ancestors of ours came from, and this
approach has worked very well. See

By creating this new Annopol listserve, we will have an an opportunity
to not only be able to easily email everyone in the group, but we can
also share documents and create an archive of old emails for any new

Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of this new
Google listserve, or if you have any thoughts or questions. Of course,
feel free to forward this email. I have put all of your emails in bcc to
respect privacy -- and will let folks share their emails with others
moving forward if they choose to do so.

Look forward to sharing more information about Annopol, and maybe we can
organize a group trip sometime in the future.



Mark Izeman

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