SELTZER from Trembowla #galicia

Milton Koch

I have determined that my paternal great-grandmother, Schlome SELTZER,
was born in Trembowa. Her father was Naftale. She married Chaim KOCH,
from Jagielnica. They lived in Potok Zloty thereafter.
I have located records of birth of Naftale SELTZER (born 1885) and his
siblings, >from Budzanow (Budaniv) which is very close to Trembowla.
His mother was Lea SELTZER >from Trembowla. Though I do not have Lea's
father's name, can I assume that her son (Naftale) may have been named
after her father - thus making her the sister of Schlome?

I have also found another Schlome SELTZER >from Trembowla who was
married to Feibisz ZUCKERMAN. Is it possible to have two women >from a
town having the same name?


Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD USA

KOCH-Potok Zloty

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