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Jeff Miller

Research and personal contacts have identified two families, FREIDER from
Kosogorka (formerly Frampol, located not far >from the town of
Kamenets-Podolskiy) and FRAIDER >from Kuzmyn (Kuzmin), not far from

According to JewishGen's location search results for towns named "KUZMIN",
in 1900-1914 "my" Kuzmin was considered part of the Starokonstantinov
District and Volhynia province, but between the wars it was part of the
Kamenets-Podolski district and Ukraine SSR province. Some references in
records I have obtained for my ancestors cited Kamenets-Podolski, or some
variation or shortening thereof, but these references may have been to the
district rather than the town.

Recent research in records for the towns Peschanka and Kamenets revealed no
records for either family, but records for Frampol exist in the Khmelnitski
state archives and may be examined in the future.

Any suggestions on how to determine if the two families are related other
than perhaps by pursuing DNA testing?


Jeff Miller

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