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Susan Shapiro

Does anyone have information about my great-grandfather, or his family,
Moises Chernobylsky. The information below shows either the address of
his warehouse or his home. My grandmother emigrated to the United States
in 1908; she was the eldest of 12 children. I believe she had 8 brothers.
Hr parents and brothers were alive in Kiev in 1934. I also believe the
names of 3 brothers were: (i) Semen Moiseivich Chernobylsky; (ii) Boris
Moiseivich Chernobylsky; and (iii) Mark Moiseiveich Chernobylsky. All
were drafted by the soviets and fought in WWII. I do not know the names
of her the siblings, her mother, or any uncles, aunts or cousins; but
I am sure their must have been other relatives. I'm hoping to find
relatives, and determine the fates of my great-uncles and their families.

Also, does any know of the family of my great-grandparents, Avram and
Sore Kramowski (could be Kramowoski). My grandfather, Boirs Kramowski,
his brothers David (Duvid?) Kramowski, and Harry (donĂ¢??t know Harry's
Hebrew or Russian given name) also came >from Kiev, or the Jewish towns
surrounding the city. Please, let me know if anyone may be related to
my grandfather, Boris. All three brothers emigrated here by 1906.
My great-grandparents emigrated in 1908. Maybe they had uncles, cousins,
who remained behind.

Directory by 1913 in Kiev mentioned next owner of timber
warehouse:Chernobylskiy M. I.
and his partner Berkman S.S. ; Naberezhno-Khreshatickaya
Str., 51M. - first letter
of his nameI. - first letter
of his parent's name

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