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Moshe Schaeffer

I am trying to help my Mother in law find her missing uncles or their
families. I was told by my mother in law the following information
below. I have posted and sent this information to where I thought I might
be able to find more information on them but have not been able to find
any information on what happened to them. I am trying one more time in
hope some might be able to tell me where I might try looking or where I
might find some information about them. Thank you for your help in this

Looking for the family of David and Yetta LERNER, who lived in Shatova
village, district of Dunaevsky, Kamenetsk-Podolskiy region in Ukraine
and died within one week >from each other in March or April of 1922 >from
Typhus. They left 5 small children-2 girls and 3 boys; the smallest was
1 year old. Their names were Avram-10 years old, Leah-8, Michail-6,
Raisa-4 and Dimitri- 1.There Uncles took each child, so they were
separated. But later they found each other in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Lea was taken by her uncle, who was a blacksmith to DUNAEVTZY. He was
very poor and had 6 children; she was shortly thereafter moved to
uncle's wife sister to village called ZINKOV. The wife sister had 2 boys.

A different Uncle Lerner who lived in Dunayevtzy and owned Candy Factory
and he had daughter Rosa. Her mother died when Rosa was a little girl
and her father remarried (we think). Rosa gave Lea the only photo of her
father David Lerner. Rosa also gave her a photo of Rosa with Yaakov her
husband and Polina her daughter there last name was Gitman. They were
both Agronomist or Agriculturists and lived in city of Khmelnitsky Roza
Luxemburg st.Nr.87. We don't know what happened to this family either.

Another Uncle LERNER had WOOLEN CLOTH Factory in DUNAEVTZY.

David was a butcher and owed his own Butcher Store. We don't know
Yetta's maiden name, we don't even have her picture.

These are the brothers that were never heard >from again.

LERNER AVRAM DAVIDOVICH was born in 1912 in Shatovo. He moved to
Birobidzhan at the end of 1920, where he worked as a tractor operator.
In 1933 he came back to Dnepropetrovs and found his sisters and
brothers, he wanted to stay, but he couldn't find a job and he returned
back to Birobidzhan and no one heard of him. We have photo of him.

LERNER MICHAIL DAVIDOVICH was born in 1916 in Shatovo. In 1933 he
finished Technical School in Dnepropetrovsk and worked on the Karl
Libnekht factory there as the supervisor. For his outstanding work, he
was awarded the Medal for Labor Valour by M.Kalinin. Then he was sent to
Kharkov to study in Stalin's Academy in 1939-1940. In 1941 before the
war he came to Dnepropetrovsk and saw his sisters: Lea and Raisa. When
the war started he was sent to Odessa to become the Commissar. Lea found
out, that he was on the ship with all teachers going to Odessa when the
ship was destroyed by Nazis. After that no news about him. There was a
book written about him, Lea had had a copy but couldn't take the book
with when they were escaping Nazis. We don't know who wrote this book
and the name of the author.

LERNER DMITRIY (Mitya) DAVIDOVICH was born in 1921 in Shatovo. He also
finished Technical School in Dnepropetrovsk and left for the Army as a
volunteer (he was too young to be drafted yet).He was in the city of
Kaluga. Lea-his sister received one letter >from him when the war
started, when he wrote, that he can't wait to destroy the Nazis and
after that nothing. He wasn't in the list of dead or missing persons.

Moshe Schaefer

Searching for:
COVITZ -St Louis Missouri
HIRSCHOWITZ - Friedrichstadt, Riga, New York
KAUFF - Wolcysk, Russia
KIRSCHNER - Poland, New York
SHUVAL - Kovno
WORK - Yanoff, Galicia, Austria , New York
WAG - Yanoff, Galicia, Austria
WEISS- New York

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