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Dear fellow JewishGen Ukraine SIG members

I am trying to find some information on behalf of my 94 year old
father whose birthday it is next week.

His father , Barnett Hooberman, came with two brothers (Harris/Harry
and Israel) to the UK
from Bershad in Podolia. They show up in the UK in the 1901 and 1911
census. They were born in 1882, 1880 and 1870. The three brothers
settled in London and then had a falling out and the three lines of the
family have barely spoken to each other though I am now trying to find

There was talk of a flour mill on the River Bug and I have found an
entry for a Guberman who had the flour mill and another Guberman , a

In the naturalisation documents their father is names as Beril and
their mother as Chaya.

My father says when the brothers came to the UK they left behind their
mother and their sister. Their Dad had died ( I don't know how) and
this may have prompted the boys to go and seek their fortunes
elsewhere. However this leaving behind of the female family members
(the sister's name is not known) has left a trail of guilt and no
doubt has shaped much of the family to come.

I did take some advice and employed a researcher to look in various
archives in the Ukraine. She came up with some names I am happy to
share if possible but there is no way of knowing if any of them are
relatives as there are so many gaps in the years.

Does anyone know if there is a way to find marriage records or birth
records that include girls and women or any other records?

We feel sure that these two women would have come to a very sad end
but we have no idea if they married again and left the region or
stayed there and inevitably perished in the second world war

There is also a book I have found called Bershad by Nahmen Huberman
which only exists in Hebrew. I would love to see a translation of
this book or know if would contain any information about life in
Bershad. Is it a coincidence that our names are the same?

If anyone has any ideas for me I would be incredibly grateful
With thanks


Lucy Hooberman
Professor, Digital Media and Innovation

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