Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Looking For Death Records and Refugee Information ~1919 Ukraine/Romania #ukraine

Shawn Weil


My grandmother's family (BROITMAN) survived the pogroms of Savran, Ukraine
and fled 400 miles away to Bucharest, Romania c. 1919. In the few years they
lived there, family history has it that three of my grandmother's siblings
died of "water poisoning" (Moshe, Lisa, Chamiel, all born between 1908 &
1918). It is not clear to me if they died in Bucharest or somewhere in
between. The family immigrated to Toronto, Canada in Nov 1924 and to the US
(Philadelphia then Brooklyn) in 1927. I've found contemporary accounts of
the pogroms in that region (link below), but would like to know more about
their lives as refugees and more details about the deaths of her siblings.

Can anyone suggest sources I might use to find more information and/or more

Savran Pogrom Info:

Thank you-

Shawn Weil
Melrose, MA

Looking for: Wahl, Abromowitz, Wilkenfeld (Tarnobrzeg, Poland); Goldner,
FIbish (Bivolari, Iasi, Romania); Telefus, Birnberg (Khotin & Medzhibozh,
Ukraine); Broitman, Darish (Savran & Olgapol, Ukraine)

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