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Leslie Kelman <les.kelman43@...>

How much do we know about the details of how our ancestors traveled
from The Pale to their new destination. I envisage that every trip
involved 2 segments; the sea segment and the land segment, because the
vast majority of those emigrating did not live in port cities or

Over the years I have found much useful information regarding sea
passenger lists and shipping records. On the other hand I am having
difficulty trying to understand details about the land segment, apart
from the fact that train travel played an important role.
I know that my grandfather and 5 children (including my father)
travelled >from Zhitomir in late 1923. They went to Riga and there they
obtained 3 visas; firstly to travel through Germany, secondly to
travel through Holland, and thirdly to enter the UK. I have some of
the travel documents as well as my father's UK Aliens card all of
which help to firmly establish dates. They left Zhitomir at the
beginning of November, 1923; and they arrived in the UK on December
11, 1923

I have done Google, Bing and Jewish Gen searches but without much
luck. Can anyone help direct me to useful sources and resources about
the land segment of our ancestors travel. I would like to do more
research on this subject.

Leslie Kelman, Toronto

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