Attestations of paternity on birth records #galicia

Pamela Jacobs

I recently received several AGAD records, including those listing the
births in Tarnopol of my grandfather's four youngest siblings. The
births span the years 1888 to 1898. According to my cousin, who
speaks and writes Polish, each record contains a short signed
statement by my great-grandfather, attesting to the fact that he is
the father of each child.

We were wondering whether this was standard practice at the time,
or whether it was particular to certain families and situations. I
know that many Jews had religious but not civil marriages; perhaps
these statements of paternity were necessary because the children
were illegitimate in the eyes of the Empire?

Thanks in advance!

Pamela Ravin Jacobs, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Researching CHARASCH/ CHARASZ Brody,Tarnopol, Vienna and
Chemnitz; DICK, Tarnopol; MIGDEN, Tarnopol;TAFFET, Tarnopol;
RIVIN, Starobin, Belarus; RAPPAPORT, Starobin, Belarus.

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