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I am hoping that someone >from this group can help me research my
grandfather's family. After many years of searching, i was able to
get my father's birth certificate >from the archives in Zhitomer. It
lists my grandfather as Gdal-Bir KORKHIM ( in russian it looks
KOPXUM), a citizen of Polonnoe, and that he is the son of Dovid
Yankel. My father was also named Dovid Yankel, born

I have no information on my grandfather's family because he used
papers that were given to his brother in law ( Sefansky/Czafanski) to
come to the US and he never again spoke of his life in Russia.
Probably because he was worried about being deported if it ever came
to light.

I wonder if anyone can help point me in the right direction as this
seems to be an uncommon name and one that I have never heard of.It
does not seem to appear on the list of names to search.

Thank you so much.
Susan Sefansky (
(researching Kaplan, Glass, Korkhim(sp?) >from Novograd Valensky.

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