Ukraine SIG #Ukraine New KehilaLink released for ZHABOKRYCH, Vinnitsya, Ukraine #ukraine

Marla Waltman


I am pleased to announce that a KehilaLink has been produced for Zhabokrych,
Vinnitsya (formerly Podolia), Ukraine. Before the independent of Ukraine,
the town was known as Zhabokrich or, by Jews, Zhabokritch. The KehilaLink
can be found at This
webpage could not have been created without the superb technical support of
Richie Baum, on behalf of the Kehilalinks project.

If your family came >from Zhabokrych, they may also have lived or worked at
some point in other nearby towns with large Jewish populations, such as
Kryzhopil' (Kryzhopol), Shpikov, and Kniazhe/Radyanske. I produced a
KehilaLink for Kryzhopil a few years ago that can be found at

Your feedback on the Kehilalinks would be appreciated. Should you have
connections to any of the towns of Zhabokrych, Kryzhopil', or
Kniazhe/Radyanske, I would be pleased to hear >from you. I am looking for
memoirs, stories, photos, videos, and other kinds of family or town
information. I hope that you will share your suggestions for new content
with me at

Thanks and best wishes,

Marla Waltman
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto
BEGLER / BEIGLER - Shpikov and Kryzhopil', Ukraine - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
KRAFT / KRAVCHEK - Zhabokrych and Kryzhopil', Ukraine - Toronto, ON, Canada
1914 and 1921
SPEKTOR - Shpikov, Zhabokrych, and Kryzhopil', Ukraine - Toronto, ON, Canada
WELTMAN / VELTMAN - Zhabokrych and Kryzhopil', Ukraine - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
abt 1920, and Sydney, Australia (after 1945).

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