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Jan Allen and others have asked about a new Ukrainian database that
expects to put online by 2020, the largest listing of Ukrainian residents
from 1650-1920 that is available. While Jan had no success in getting on
the site, I did. The entire site is in Ukrainian, although, at least for
some pages, it appears there are Russian and Polish options. Since the
search feature only seems to work in Ukrainian, I am unable to determine
if any Jewish names are listed. Perhaps one of our Ukrainian correspondents
can access the site and give us a better picture of what is available and
might be useful. According to their list of records posted at the site,
most seem to be church records for Catholics and Orthodox Christians, and
Russian soldiers of the Red Army. A complete list, as recorded on the site
(and translated by Google Translate, is as follows:

Metric confessional books and paintings, the Orthodox and Catholic, and the
Czech and German colonists (work continues)
Voter lists the Seimas on Western regions (processed three commune, plans
to process all).
The jury lists skirts and Volyn residents in 1793
The jury lists 1654 (work continues)
User soldiers losses Austro-Hungarian Army in Galicia (partially processed,
work continues)
User soldiers of the Army of World (partially processed, work continues)
User soldiers of the Red Army, 1926 edition
User soldiers Soviet-Finnish war with Ukraine
Diocesan information Volyn and Podolia and "" Historical and statystycheskoe
churches and description of Volyn Diocese pryhodov "
Voivodeship messengers (Volyn, Lviv, Ternopil and Stanislavsky)
The inmates of concentration camps (Talerhof, Soviet prisoners Birch Kartuska etc.)
User repressed (partially processed, work continues)
Address Book contains the end. XIX - early. XX century (partly processed,
work continues)
Commemorative Address Book and provinces, covering the territory of modern
Ukraine (partially processed, work continues)
The data entered by users of the site and volunteers.
Kiev province Census 1897 (plans to start soon).
Little Rumyantsev description (plans to start soon).

As I don't read or speak Ukrainian, the site is not terribly useful for me,
but others may find it useful. Note the translation above is not complete,
and that some words do not translate well.

The site is By registering, you can add a family tree,
according to the instructions. I strongly suggest, unless you are literate
in Ukrainian, you hold off until there is an English version of the site up.

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, Ukraine SIG

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