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Phyllis Kramer

Michael Sack asked about Varva... near Priluki in the Ukraine.
Obviously a town with a limited Jewish presence in the early 20th
century. To research a small town is often I thought I
would try and explain each of the databases I searched...

First I checked the JewishGen gazetteer and indeed it is listed as a
town 16+ miles ESE of Priluky and 25 miles WNW or Lokvitsa. If you go
on the gazetteer you can get a list of each town and its distance from
Varva, within 30 miles.
Then i checked the JewishGen Website Search of text pages (under the
About Us oval) and found little on the town.
Then i went to 25 years of the SIG discussion list archives and found
a key message regarding the town; you might contact the poster.

Next I went to rtrfoundation, to see if any records exist...and indeed
for priluki, region priluki, oblast chernigov, there are many vital
records, landowner records and Jewish Records in the Chernigov
Archive. Nothing listed for Varva...but...and this is the strong
but...major towns often kept records for small nearby towns within the
same region. Perhaps a local researcher might be able to answer some
questions about which town, Priluki or Lokvista might have sources for
varva (see

There doesn't seem to be any direct records on the Ukraine SIG for
Varva...but you might contact them and research their Priluky and
Lokvista information.
There is a communities page for Priluky and a Kehilalinks page and a
yizkor book...these might be Jewish towns often became
a focus for outlying smaller shtetls. Note on the history of Priluky
that between the wars, it was in the Chernigov oblast. There is a
communities page for Lokvista too,

I see another researcher interested in the town on our JGFF
database...and would suggest you register on that and contact the
researcher...perhaps together you might go forward and investigate the
area. There are also 148 researchers registerred for
might want to investigate any common surnames.

Lastly I went on our JewishGen Ukraine Country database..finally a hit!!.
some very interesting records popped up >from the Vsia Rossiia 1895
business directory ......two with your surname! what was most
interesting is that they put the town in uzed Lokvitsa and Gubernya you need to search these new areas using the sources
noted above

best of fortune with your research
Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:
family web site:

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