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My great-grandmother's family comes >from Varva which is a small village/town near Priluki. The family name is Janovitzky/Yanowitz. The most distant ancestors I know about are Usher Janovitzky and his wife Bluma, born about the 1840's. The Ukrainian researcher who I hired to search various archives was unable to find any records for the family, so any information I have is family lore. The family claim to fame, however, is Harvard professor Oscar Handlin (son of Ida Yanowitz) who wrote the Pulitzer prize-winning book about Jewish immigration, The Uprooted. After the war, Oscar tried to find out what happened to family members left in Varva, but he was unsuccessful. Varva does exist, but it didn't have many Jewish families.

Good luck in your research,
Carol Flesher
Oxnard, California

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