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Max Heffler

I entered my Gottesfeld in Latin and it returned a correct match in

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The only thing I would add to Adam's excellent post is that, if you
don't happen to know what your family name looks like in Russian or
Ukrainian Cyrillic characters, there are a couple of websites that can
help you out. One is Steve Morse's "Transliterating English to Russian
in One Step" tool <>. Simply
enter the surname in English in the "Enter English text here" box and
the surname will appear below in Cyrillic characters.

The Morse tool will typically give you multiple results, so you won't
necessarily know which one to search on If there aren't too
many, you could try all of them.

Another site I've used for this purpose is Genealogy Indexer
<>. Enter the surname in English in the
search box at the top of the page, but select "Only Latin -> Cyrillic"
in the second box >from the right just below the search box. After doing

the search, you should see multiple results with the surname in
characters highlighted in yellow.

To make sure you have the right surname, just copy and paste it into
Steve Morse's "Transliterating Russian to English in One Step" tool
<>. After confirming the
accuracy of the surname in Cyrillic characters, you can then copy and
paste it into the search field, as Adam describes below.

Paul Auerbach
Sharon, MA

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