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Dear Rsearchers,

once I read a metrical book with marriage records of Shatov Jewish
community. I saw 10 marriage records for the year 1844.


Marriages of Jews in the town of Shatov, Kamenets district, Podolsky
region, for the year 1844.

January 26, 1844
Shmuel Aron, son of Itsko, Kramar age 22,(or Shmuel, son of Aron
Itsko) and Rokhl, age 18, daughter of Duvid Gotman

January 31, 1844
Leyve Mikhl, age32, and Gute, age 23, daughter of Yoysef Brofman

March 9, 1844
Itsko Mikhman, age 49, and Khaye, age 26, daughter of Yakev Shikhman

May 24, 1844
Borekh, age 32, son of Yekhiel (surname is not clear) and Beyle, age
22, daughter of Itsko Vaynshte

Comment: the surname "Vaynshte" is transliterated to English as it
sounds in Russian language, though possibly it was a surname
"Vaynshteyn" (Weinschtein)

Moyshe Khayem, son of Meyer, age 18, (or Moyshe, son of Khayem-Meyer)
??-rotman, and Feyge, daughter of Yakev Krazmar

Comment: in the surname (??-rotman) of the man, the first two letters
are not clear, so I typed the symbol "?". Possibly it is "Sirotman" in
the surname of

the lady's father, it is difficult to disypher the first letter, but
in my best knowledge it is "Krasmar"

June 19, 1844
Sruhl-Moyshe Helfint, age 30, and Ester-Sore, age 21, daughter of
Shloyme-Sruhl (Zelman-Sruhl)

July 18, 1844
Abram-Yankel Shvartsman, age 46, and Golda-Leye, age 19, daughter
Shmuel Ber Kuzhnir (Kushnir)

July 19, 1844
Sruhl-Yankel, age 18, son of Yoysef Sirota, and Gute, age 17, daughter
of Moshko Vinokur

November 8, 1844
Yoysef Aron, age 43, son of Zelman Lakhter, and Ester-Malke, age 17,
daughter of Kalmen Shvartsman

November 30, 1844
Gershn Moshkovich Biba, age 20, and Sore-Leye, age 16, daughter of Leyve Shiler

(researcher in Ukraine)

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