Ukraine SIG #Ukraine if someone was picking there mail up in the post office in Sarny Ukraine where might they living 1948 #ukraine

Moshe Schaeffer

My cousin sent me this envelope of which the letter was lost. It was
to my great grand mother Beckie (Bluma) Weiss KAUFF. It is written in
English and Russian.

In Russian it says same thing as in English - two addresses, one in
NYC, another in Ukraine. The Ukrainian address is: BLAT K.I. (this is
the name of a sender, a surname and two initials), town Sarny, Rivne
region, Ukraine. The sender did not write either street name nor the
house number, instead he/she wrote that he/she collects her post at
the local post office. Stamps on the reverse side of the envelope show
that the letter was sent >from Ukraine (>from Lwow) on October 16, 1948,
and reached New York on Ocrober 23, 1948.

If the the person who wrote this letter says that they collect their
post at the local post office. Where might have they been living then.

I am looking for the Blat Family names I know are Chaya children
Yossel and a daughter.

Thank you for your help in this matter.
Moshe Schaeffer

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