Ukraine SIG #Ukraine New groups for Wolyn district (Volhynia) #ukraine

Aaron B

We have some new groups and resources for those researching the Wolyn
district, where most of the Jews were murdered. Among the resources:

Facebook group -

For Dubno, Ukraine -

For Ludmir (Vladimir Volynskiy) -

For Ustilug / Uscilug / Austila / Ustyluh -

Email discussion groups for Dubno, Luboml, Lutsk (Luck), Sokal, and
Vladimir Volynski at

Best Regards,
Aaron J Biterman
Milwaukee, WI

Researching -- Biterman, Freund, Cung, Czesny/Szczesny >from Horodlo;
Czesner, Melamed, Somin, Sumin >from Luboml; Mamet >from Lutsk;
Biterman >from Lwow/Lviv; Herald >from Sokal; Biterman, Borg, Golomb
from Ustilug (Uscilug), Czesner, Czesna, Czesny, Szczesny, Bigman,
Edelman, Epel, Gipszman, Hipszman, Sobol, and Uger >from Wlodawa

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