Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Kehilalinks sites under development #ukraine


I am beginning the process to develop Kehilalinks sites for two towns in the
Ukraine: Shepetivka (which our ancestors knew as Shepetovka), and Bilohirya
(which our ancestors knew as Lechovitz). Please contact me if you have any
pertinent information. Examples would include photos taken in these towns
(including family photos), travelogs, directories, articles, letters or
postcards sent >from these towns, and brief family histories. You can reach
me at Thanks!

Miriam Kirshner
San Diego

Researching NOVOSELSKY >from Shepetova, CHEICHENITZ >from Lechovitz, GELLMAN
from Sudilkov, KIRSHNER >from Kishinev and/or ZHITOMER, and WALZER from

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