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Hello again.

Many thanks for all the kind replies to my original message!

Personal responses are coming.

And thanks for the comments on the Russian language spelling of the
family surname. I do have the exact Russian language spelling with
Cyrillic letters. However, the Jewish Gen email system does not allow
using any non-English letters, so I used an English approximation (a
poor one). I should have explained that in my original note.

Shana Tovah to all!


Harvey Chimoff

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From: Harvey Chimoff <>
Date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:48 PM
Subject: Xanmob Family Research (Ha-ee-mov / Haimov)

Hello. I=E2=80=99m looking for any information about my paternal grandfathe=
family, specifically what happened to them before/during/after World
War II.

The Russian surname was Xanmob, with a phonetic pronunciation of
Ha-ee-mov. (We use Haimov as the English version of the Russian
surname in our family history.)

The family was >from the Ukrainian province of Chernigov, in the old
Russian Empire. My grandfather Morris (Moishe) was born in Starodub
and then moved to Pochep. Today, Starodub and Pochep are in the
Russian Federation.

Morris was born approximately 1887 and arrived in the United States in
1908. His parents were David Haimov and Ida Minnie Wilkov.

Morris=E2=80=99 siblings were Samuel (Russian pronunciation of Sa-mu-ee=E2=
Myerch (Myer), Sarah, and Rachul (Rose - Russian pronunciation of
Ra-h-ee'-l -- with last letter 'L' being soft. There may have been two
other brothers.

Morris apparently had a nephew named Bernard Chaimov. Cile Chaimov was
either Bernard=E2=80=99s sister or wife.

Some of the extended family may have been part of the Soviet
evacuation to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in February 1942, including
Morris=E2=80=99 brother Myerch (Myer) Haimov, and possibly women and

Thanks very much!

Harvey Chimoff

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