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Igor Schein <igorschein@...>

I just started researching this surname - the family is closely
related to SHOR line I've been researching for years. It seems to be
a very obscure name. Beider doesn't list it, nothing on Yad Vashem or
Jewishgen. All I was able to find out on my own is that family lived
in Nemirov, Podolia, based on 2 arrival manifests, which is consistent
with some a priori information. Any clues about the origin of this
surname would be greatly appreciated. There could be alternative
spelling variations - GORVENETSKY, GERWINITZKY, etc. 2 surnames
resonate closely - HORWITZ (which is how the surname was americanized)
and VINNITSKY (>from city of Vinntsa), but not close enough in my
opinion to make any definitive conclusion.


Igor Schein

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