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I am looking for information about my grandfather Abraham Krapivinsky
(changed to Krapin in the US), born in Mglin (formerly in Chernigov
Gubernia, now part of Bryansk Province in Russia) between 1872-1875,
married my grandmother Lena Agranovitch (of Novozybkov) in 1900,
emigrated to the United States in 1904, and lived in Columbia,
South Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia. A family member, now
deceased, said that Abraham had a first marriage and child in
Mglin and started his second family in Novozybkov. I would like
somehow to confirm or refute this. I know of one brother (Michael)
and Abrahamâ??s parentsâ?? names (David HaLevi and Fannie Krapivinsky)
but nothing else. Recently I came across a record for a Salomon and
Rebeca Krapivinsky, who lived in Buenos Aires and had a son named
Aaron Merr. Aaron was born in 1911 in Buenos Aires, traveled to
Brazil and New York, and may be Avrohom Aaron Merr, who died in
1984 and is buried in Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. It is my
strong suspicion that these were members of my grandfather's family.
I am looking for anyone with any information about any of these people
or suggestions about how I can get information in Russia and/or
Argentina and Israel. Suggestions as to an archivist with access
to records in Mglin would be appreciated.

Lynda Mandlawitz
New York City

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