Ukraine SIG #Ukraine New Historical Maps of Galicia in the Gesher Galicia Map Room #ukraine


Thanks to recent onsite research at the National Library of Russia in
St. Petersburg by the chair of Gesher Galicia's board of directors,
Tony Kahane, we are now able to present six new digitized historical
maps of Galicia and the surrounding territories on the free online
Gesher Galicia Map Room.

Several of these maps document two brief but interesting periods:
before 1809, when "New" (West) Galicia was part of the Austrian

and between 1809 and 1815 when New Galicia was ceded to the Duchy of
Warsaw, and the Tarnopol district at the eastern edge of Galicia was
ceded to Russia, as a result of Austria's disastrous loss in the War
of the Fifth Coalition:

Imperial Russia's interest in Galicia is documented in two maps from
the same era, one covering its own western territories at Galicia's
edge by French cartographers working for the tsar:

and another specifically of Galicia, in Russian language:

Other interesting maps added this week include an Austrian imperial
map produced for school atlases in the same era:

and another map of Galicia produced for a Russian newspaper in 1915,
while the tsar's armies were battling Austria and others as the front
swept back and forth across eastern Galicia in World War I:

These new maps provide important geographic references to the
territorial politics pressuring the region during two tumultuous
periods near the beginning and the end of Galicia's official lifetime.
Today we can enjoy these maps as a resource in the area's (somewhat)
calmer times.

Our thanks to the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg for
providing the digitized copies of these maps at Tony's request:

The GG Map Room home page:

Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Map Manager
Lviv, Ukraine

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