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Marilyn Levinson

Dear fellow researchers
My grandfather Joseph or Jossel Wallach was born in Lipkani Bessarabia
Russia in 1890. Family history has it that he left c. 1912 to
escape military service. Joseph had two brothers Max and Moidel.
I found Max's passenger manifest which has him listed I think
under Nisen Boloch. He immigrated to the United States in 1913.
I know the name Wallach is often spelled Boloch, the last residence
is correct and the name of his father, Moishe is correct. The birth
date is about 2-5 years off depending on which subsequent record one
looks at.
I was told that only Max and Joseph immigrated to the United States.
I found a passenger manifest for a Mordel Wallach, who is
from Lipkan has a birthdate of 1890 and an arrival date of 1912.
He says he is going to join his brother Jossel Wallach.
At first I assumed that since Joseph was evading military service,
he used his brother's first name on his passenger
manifest but then saying he was joining a Jossel his own name seemed
strange to me.
I cannot find a passenger manifest
for a Joseph Wallach, or anything close to that name that has the
right dates or place of birth. I am wondering if I have reached
the wrong conclusion, and that unknown to my family Moidel did
immigrate, as well as Jossel and Max. I would appreciate your help.

Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake N

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