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Molly Staub

Another researcher has informed me that my great-grandfather, Yechiel
Berenson of Ukraine, married a daughter of Rabbi Shevach Lerner of
Kitygorod, Podolia Gubernia. Shevach's wife Devorah was a descendant of
Rashi. My informant did not know the bride's given name, but the couple had
four sons : Rabbi Samuel Lerner of Dinovtsy; Rabbi Israel Abraham of
Tereshpol and Balin; Rabbi Mordechai of Munkacs; and Rabbi Mendel of
Kitaygorod. Rabbi Shevach and Devorah also had two daughters, but this
researcher did not know their names.

She received this information orally >from a relative many years ago. I know
Lerner is a common name, but I have tried to verify the information with no
success. I found a few Rabbi Lerners in Brooklyn, but no evidence that
they're the correct ones

If anyone has any of these people on their trees, I would appreciate any
information to help me fill in the blanks.

Thank you, Molly Arost Staub Katzman
Boca Raton, FL

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Molly Arost Staub

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