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I need help, a lot of help, discovering information and the fate of my
cousin, Jozef Karol Weissberg.

Here's what I know.
-Norbert was born in 1887, to Meir Weissberg and Chane Sara Gold in
Stanislawow, Poland
-siblings Frydryka, Klara and Wilhelm Weissberg reportedly perished in
the Holocaust.
-lived (Bema Street 12) and worked in L'viv, Ukraine as a tax clerk.
-formerly changed religion to Catholic, 10 Feb 1921
-wrote pornographic books/poems under the name Jozef Bialogorski

I was able to find information about his uncle, Norbert Aleksandrowicz
(brother to Jozef's mother, Frydryka Weissberg Aleksandrowicz).
Norbert survived the war by hiding in a farm in Stanislawow, later
being re-settled in Klodzko,

Any information, anything at all, no matter how trivial would be appreciated.

Michael Diamant
Researching Weissberg & Aleksandrowicz

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