Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Happy (secular) New Year #ukraine


As we move into the 20 chai year, Ukraine SIG continues to look forward. To
all 4,046 of you who read our Discussion Group each day (as of 12/31/17), we
hope you have enjoyed sharing and learning with others about our shared
heritage over the past years. To those who have donated your time, energy,
and hard earned dollars, pounds, euros, rubles, etc. over the past year, we
thank you for all you have done.

As you make your resolutions for 2018, consider the gift that keeps on
giving - donating your time and energy to Ukraine SIG. Not that we don't
need your financial contribution (of course we do), but we have over 600
towns, many with projects waiting to be organized, in need of Town Leaders.
There are over 750 towns that have no KehilaLinks page. We have so many
opportunities that need someone to put in an hour or two per week to add
more to the Jewishgen-Ukraine database and to help us with our mission to
put information about every town and shtetl in Ukraine on line for
researchers to use as the research their own family histories. All of us at
Ukraine SIG are volunteers, and our sole compensation for all of the time
and effort we put into this ongoing project is the satisfaction of hearing
from you that you have found new generations of your family tree in records
that we have been able to acquire and put into the database.

None of this requires great skills or technical knowledge, merely a desire
to give back for all you receive >from JewishGen and Ukraine SIG. Your
donations are gratefully accepted in the names of all who trace their
families back to the areas we cover.

Please also have a look at the projects that have already been organized and
are in the fund raising stage at
2. If you go to your Town Page and see a project that can help you and
others and it is not in fund raising, contact Janette Silverman or me, about
how to begin the fund raising. It will only get harder in the future to
fund these projects and there is no time like the present to get this
material moving toward being available for all.

Looking forward to great things in 2018. Keep checking back!

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, Ukraine SIG

Moderator's comment: And, >from your moderating team, a very Happy, Healthy,
and Genealogically Prosperous New Year.

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