Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Letichev and Uezd Translation Project Update #ukraine

Renée K. Carl

Hi all

Thank you for all the emails! I am going to answer a few general
questions here as I work to respond to all of you individually.

Yes, you can still contribute to the project. Use this link
and look for the project titled 'Document Translation and Indexing
Project for Letichev and Uezd.' It is currently the 10th one down the
list. If you do contribute to this or any JewishGen SIG project,
please email the project coordinator so we can stay organized.

At the moment, projects cannot be paid with Paypal. JewishGen is
working on that, but credit cards and paper checks are both accepted.

No, I can't do look-ups for you. If you've donated I will send you the
sheets and hopefully you'll make some new discoveries.

Yes, please share success stories!

Yes, I'll be in Warsaw at IAJGS. Will you?

Finally, my name is Renee Carl, the name got cut off in the previous
message. My family names >from the area are BRAND(T) and SECHANOFSKY,
changed to SANOFSKY in the US.

Thank you all for your support, and patience.
Renee Carl
Washington DC

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 10:12 AM, Renee Carl <rkcarl@...> wrote:
Dear Siggers
Thanks to all who have supported the Document Translation and Indexing
Project for Letichev and Uezd: Snitkov, Derazhnia, Medzhibozh, Zinkov,
Mikhalpol, Volkovintsy, Butsnevtsy 1829 and 1833 lists of Families for
Conscription. (see project description here:

Translation is currently underway, and the translators are making
excellent progress. I have spreadsheets to share with donors who have
given $100 or more to the project.

Like any good genealogist, I have lists of the names of donors, but I
also have a brickwall, and need your help. In a quirk of the donation
system, I do not have your email addresses. If you donated $100 or
more to this project, or think you might have, please contact me
directly and I will check the list and send you the spreadsheets we
have. If you would like to donate to the project, we are still
collecting funds which will be used for additional records that were
recently located.

Thank you for your support of this project, and your assistance on the emails!
Renee Carl
Washington DC

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