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I recently realized that digital copies of the Philadelphia Bank
Immigrant Passage Records (indices available on JewishGen) are
available online through Temple University

These records often list addresses in Europe with abbreviations. Below
is one example. Would anyone be able and/or willing to inform me what
the abbreviations stand for (or otherwise inform me where I could find
this information). I assume that the "G" stands for Guberniya, but I
am unsure of the others (I assume both "Dom" and "Na" are also
abbreviations). Any other information that you might be able to
provide on this address would be greatly appreciated. (I assume
Berdichew is Berdichev.) A copy of the original is available upon
request. Thank you in advance.

G. Berdiczew Dom. Globocki
Na Starow (Starom? Starorn?) Bazar


Dan Schley
Ithaca, NY

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