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I am researching the Sprung family, which comes originally >from Brody,
Galicia. So far, I've been able to trace my family back to my
great-grandfather Schulim Sprung, who was born May 6, 1859 in Brody.
He was the husband of Zimmel (nee Daches/Taches) and the father of ten
children. Schulim moved to Leipzig, Germany in 1914, where together
with his sons, he established a small business called "Gebruder
Sprung." He died in the Holocaust, possibly on February 4, 1942 in

I've conducted basic research on JewishGen,, and the
online databases of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem.
I've already identified each of Schulim's children and their
sons/wives. But I haven't been able to identify Schulim's parents,
grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws, etc. Unfortunately,
many of Schulim's direct descendants died in the Holocaust, and his
few direct descendants who are still living have no more useful

Besides gathering basic genealogical information about the persons
described above, I hope ultimately to locate living descendants of
Schulim's other relatives, such as his brothers/sisters, cousins,
in-laws, etc.

I'd appreciate hearing >from anyone who has conducted overlapping
research or otherwise gathered relevant information. Also, insofar as
I'm a beginning researcher, I'd be grateful to hear suggestions
concerning an effective research strategy, which sources I should
consult, what kind of information I could expect to find, experts I
might hire, etc. I'm ready to provide more information that I've
gathered already if that would help persons formulate a response to
this request.


Peter C. Sprung
Washington, D.C. USA

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