Articles About Galician Research in Back issues of AVOTAYNU Now Available on Internet #galicia

Gary Mokotoff <mokotoff@...>

You now can have access to all articles about Galician research --
more than 20 -- that have appeared in past issues AVOTAYNU, the
Journal of Jewish Genealogy. This is in additional to articles about
Ukraine and Poland. All back issues of AVOTAYNU >from 1985-2011
-- 105 issues, 27 years, more than 7,000 pages -- are now available
on the Internet as a fee-based service.

Articles about Galician research are listed at Listing for all other
countries and topics can be found at

The system uses the powerful Google search engine to search the
back issues. Selecting a particular result brings up a PDF file that
contains the search request. Using the browser's search ability
identifies the specific page that contains the keywords. The relevant
article can then be read and/or printed.

Additional information is available at

Gary Mokotoff

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