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Sarah L Meyer

Henry, Unfortunately those records don't generally exist or if they do, they
are not readily available. If the person left the US and went to the UK
first and then back to Poland, the Ukraine etc, then there would be
immigration records of people arriving in the UK. But short of going to
England first, it is my understanding that these records generally do not

Subject: Re: Immigration to USA
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 14:49:36 +0000

I am struggling with a non-typical issue of re-emigration >from USA. Some of
my ancestors in late XIX century arrived >from Ukraine to NY. I know that my
grandfather returned back to Ukraine, since my Mom was born there in the
early XX century, but what about the other family members? Did they return
as well? Ellis Island manifestos of immigrants ARRIVING are available. What
about those returning? Did anybody encounter such an information?
I really appreciate any help,

Henry Gruder,
Investigating families of: LITWAK (LITVAK), DASHEV (ADASHEV), LOYEV, GRUDER,
DANCHES, KANDEL, ZELNIK, all >from Ukraine and Poland.

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