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Moshe Schaeffer

Shatava Ukraine Jewish Cemetery Project

For those of you that have connection to Shatava Ukraine

Hi, while trying to trace my wif's family who came >from Shatava
Ukraine. I tried to find out if there was a Jewish cemetery in Shatava
I post on some genealogy groups asking the question is there a Jewish
cemetery in Shatava and was told by most people there was not till I
received two replies telling me there was one there and that these
people had photos of it. After hearing about the bad state of the
cemetery I have decided to try to rebuild the Jewish Cemetery of
Shatava digital with photos and documents. Posting the photos that I
get with transcription and translation of the graves. I so far have
collected about 20 photos of the cemetery. Seeing what a bad state it
is in now, I am trying to get old photos of the cemetery, so we might
be able to rebuild it. If you have old photos or new photos of the
cemetery could you please share them with me. Or might anyone be able
to tell me where I might find more photos or documents about the
Jewish cemetery old or new that I could use in my project. Could you
tell where I might look for such documents or photos What books or
organization might have such information? Thank you for your help in
this matter.

Please email any info to djcpremembering@...

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