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Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I am seeking information about the extended LUCHANSKY family of Tarashcha and Koshevata, Tarashcha uyezd, Kiev gubernia in the Russian imperial era. I am particularly interested in descendants of Moshko Elev LUCHANSKY born about 1867. Background information follows.

My maternal grandmother, original name Yenta Moisevna MURAKHOVSKAYA (1897-1985), was the daughter of Krenie LUCHANSKAYA (1856-1919), granddaughter of Itzhak Manev LUCHANSKY (born about 1831). I recently came across a number of photos of my grandmother together with one Shifra (or Sofia) LUCHANSKAYA, whom I have determined was born about 1894, daughter of Moshko Elev LUCHANSKY (born about 1867), granddaughter of Ela Manev LUCHANSKY (born about 1830). Itzhak Manev and Ela Manev were brothers. Thus Shifra LUCHANSKAYA and my grandmother were second cousins.

The most recent photograph I have of Shifra LUCHANSKAYA dates >from about 1930 and shows her posed with a daughter Rivulia and a husband Beni, according to an inscription on the back. The husband's surname may have been SHEPETOVSKY.

IĆ¢??m trying to determine if Shifra LUCHANSKAYA and family survived the Second World War and, if so, what became of them. Any information or hints would be appreciated.

Joseph Walder, Portland, Oregon

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