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Phyllis Berenson

Dear Friends,

To All Those Researching Mogilev-Podolsky --

Happy Harvest Season !

We are working on gathering as much information as exists for our town.

As many of you know, this has not been easy. Many Jewish records
no longer exist (destroyed, burned, or simply have disappeared). But
the good news is that some have been restored >from fire damage and
some are now being scanned by equipment donated to the archives and
are available at no cost for us to translate.

Here's an outline of the information below. Please read all the
way to the end.

A. Current Projects
* M-P 1895 Census
* M-P Jewish Cemetery Photography Project
B. Forthcoming Projects
C. More news
* M-P KehilaLinks
* New Shargorod Group
D. Help Us Help You
A. Current Projects:

* M-P 1895 Census: We are working hard to obtain the M-P 1895
census and any other available census documents >from the Vinnitsa and
Khmelnitsky archives. I am in touch with the director of the Vinnitsa
archive and have requested the 1895 document.

Note: We have already obtained the M-P 1795 Census. You may
be aware that Jews in this area did not have surnames before 1800;
therefore the 1795 census has only given names.

* M-P Jewish Cemetery Photography Project: We have a
photographer ready to begin photographing all of the 5000+ stones in
the large Jewish cemetery. This is a huge and costly endeavor. All
of the photos will have gps coordinates, so that if your ancestor's
grave is identified, you will be able to go to the cemetery, see the
stone, and honor your family.

After we receive all of the photos, the language (Hebrew and/or
Russian) will need to be translated, entered into a spreadsheet, and
finally the information will be uploaded to JewishGen.

Note: The above cemetery does not include the
holocaust-period graves. Those are in a separate cemetery, part of
which was memorialized by Jacob Drucker, one of the gravediggers. We
will post some information about that cemetery on our KehilaLinks

B. Forthcoming Projects

* A small book in Yiddish entitled "In Yene Teg" (In Those Days)
describing the 1919-1920 pogroms in M-P and other towns was donated to
our group by member, Mark Matchen. We need to locate a translator to
complete this project.

C. More News:

* Check out our M-P KehilaLinks page, beautifully redesigned by
Stefani Elkort Twyford.

* Many of you have ancestors who lived in Shargorod (about 25
miles >from M-P). I have started a separate town research group for
Shargorod. We already have a number of records for Shargorod and plan
to photograph and index the cemetery in 2019 ! If you have ancestors
from Shargorod and would like to be part of that group, please email
me at:

D. Help Us Help You: You may not know that JewishGen has only 3
paid employees! The rest of us (thousands) are volunteers. As a
volunteer Town Leader, it is my task to locate records and other
resources that yield information, have them translated, and submit
them to

To do that work, we must pay document translators (Russian and
Hebrew), cemetery photographers, and sometimes we must pay to obtain

If you are or know of a volunteer translator who can read old
Russian or Hebrew handwriting, or printed Yiddish, please email me at

Even with some volunteer help, the projects described above can
only be completed with your financial contributions. Please give
generously. Your contributions to our projects are tax deductible.
Go to:

SCROLL DOWN TO: Mogilev-Podolskiy Document Acquisition and
Translation and donate generously.

If you do not make your contribution directly to our project,
it will not be applied to our work.

When you receive your donation receipt, please email it to me.

For any donation of at least $100, we will email the M-P
cemetery translation spreadsheet to you as soon as it is finished.

Thank you for all your help,

Phyllis Gold Berenson, Town Leader
San Francisco and Sonoma, CA

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