Ukraine SIG #Ukraine School in 19th century Odessa ? #ukraine

Nicole Berline

Dear Ukrainsig friends

My great grand father Salomon Elie BERLIN was born in Derechin (now
Belarus) on 23 november 1857.

I posted on Viewmate a photograph taken around 1880. The photo shows
my great grand father Salomon Elie BERLIN (top right) together with
colleagues . In the hands of one
of his colleagues is a file showing, in cyrillic characters, SDRR.
Would anyone know what these letters stand for ?

I have been told it could be a school in Odessa around 1830. However,
I have not been able to find such a school using Google. I hope that
some member of the SIG might have a hint.

To see the viewmate photo, you may click on the link

Thank you in advance for your assistance and best regards.

Nicole BERLINE, Paris.

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