Ukraine SIG #Ukraine ViewMate - Ekaterinoslav/Russian Birth Record 1894 - Translation help? #ukraine

Hilary Henkin

Hi Everyone,
I've been reviewing Ekaterinoslav metrical records manually at my local
Family History Center.  I don't read Russian, but I've tried to match
the words visually.  (I was successful finding my great-grandparents'
marriage record this way.)

I may have found my grandmother's birth record, and have posted the
record at ViewMate, at .  If I'm
right, I'd love a complete translation, including the "boilerplate"
text.  (Knowing the boilerplate content will help me find other records
in the future, by knowing what to skip over.)

I've put the details in the ViewMate posting,  but here they are again:
Father: Josef Katz
Mother: Chaya Freyda Pesachinsky
Baby girl: Ruchel
Birth date: Nov. 17 or 18,  1894

Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

And may you find new ways to enjoy matzoh this week!

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles, Calif

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