Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Update: ViewMate - Ekaterinoslav/Russian Birth Record 1894 #ukraine

Hilary Henkin

I received several replies to my ViewMate query, and got some great

Although I turned out to have pulled the wrong record, I learned a lot
which will help me with future searches  The record I found was >from
July, not November, and >from Mariupol, not Ekaterinoslav. Although the
birth record was for Ruchel, daughter of Chaya, they weren't MY Ruchel
and Chaya.

But I did learn that there are no known microfilmed records for
Ekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk), and that the Mariupol (and probably
other) records have columns for the Russian date and the Hebrew date,
not the Julian and Gregorian dates like I'd seen elsewhere.

I even had a researcher help me with how the months look in Cyrllic, so
next time I can recognize the right month.

Since I did find a record for a baby Ruchel with a mother Chaya, I now
have a good example of how those names appear visually (upstrokes and
downstrokes, etc.) and that I already can recognize them when i see them

Thanks to everyone, and I wish the best of luck in your own research!

Hilary Henkin

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