Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Looking for members of the Shapiro Family from Vinnitsa, Chmielnik, and Kiev #ukraine

Monroe Ginsburg <monroegdmd@...>

I am looking for members of the SHAPIRO family. The family name may have been originally pronounced SHAPIRA, SHAPIFKA OR SHAPELFKA. David and Rivka Dziakowski (Rebecca) SHAPIRO were originally >from Chmielnik, Ukraine, then moved to Vinnitsa. Their daughter Chaike (Ida) immigrated to Chicago, Illinois, USA about 1913 and married Isaac Andelman. David and Rivka followed Chaike to Chicago in the 1930's. The children of David and Rivka were: Chaike, Pinchas, Chayim, and Fredolph. Other relatives that may be their children or other immediate family members were: Simcha, Frau Sura, Gaviant, Eheehu, and Ephraim. Chaike visited her family in the Ukraine (possibly in Kiev) in the 1970รข??s, but no record of the address or town she traveled to presently exists. One of Chaike's brothers lived in Israel and another brother may have been a physician. Another brother was a general in the Soviet Army.

Here are two links for photos of the Shapiro family.

I would appreciate any information on getting in touch with members of this family. Thank you.

Monroe Ginsburg

St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Volpa or Ros, Belarus: SORIN


Jakovitz, Staraya Sinyava, Khmel'nik, Vinnitza , Ukraine- DZIAKOWSKI, DZIAKOFSKI, SHAPIRA, SHAPIFKA, SPITZ, TENZER, TANZER

Mogilov (Mogilev), Volhynia, Ukraine- WEINER

Kishnev, Kalarash/Bessarabia (Moldova)- CLARIS, BARCHAYSH

Volkovitz, Belarus- POLLACK

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