Re: Skole and Liesberg #galicia

Renee Steinig

The JRI-Poland database can often shed light on the name and
location of a very small town. Searching there for a place in
Galicia that sounds like Liesberg, I found several Skole records
that mention Liseberg or Lizaberg. In one, the town is called
"Liseberg bei [near] Klimiec."

I checked for Liseberg and Lizaberg in four sources -- the
JewishGen Gazetteer, Suzan Wynne's Finding Your Jewish Roots in
Galicia, Brian Lenius's Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia, and Felix
Gundacker's Historisches Ortsverzeichnis Galizien und Bukowina.
The only source that has anything close is Gundacker, which lists
Lisa (Gemeinde Tucholka) and Liza (Gemeinde Klimiec). Klimiec
(now Klimets or Klymets) is about 24 miles southwest of Skole;
Tucholka (now Tukholka) is about 18 miles southwest of Skole.

Stuart might want to write to the Library of Congress Geography
and Map Division < > to ask
whether they can find Lisa / Liza / Liseberg / Lizaberg on an old
map. The LOC librarians are very knowledgeable and helpful. I
usually receive a wonderful packet of maps within a week or two
of an online inquiry.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

Stuart Ungar <stuartungar@...> wrote in part:

<<I know my grandmother Lena Greenberg (Grunberg) was born
in Skole... Her grandmother was born in Liesberg. Where is that
(and where in relation to Skole)? And is it still named the same?>>

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