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Jacob Heisler

Hi everyone,

I recently acquired translated copies of three 1897 Russian census
records >from Radomyshl, in the Kiev Gubernia. It turns out two of the
records don't seem to belong to my family and the third one had
another family boarding. I was curious if anyone would be interested
in getting a copy if any of the records are for their own families.

The families I have are:

1. Shulim and Yefrusiy MARGULYAN, both born in Korostyshev and
previously registered as living in Chernyakhov.

2. Arye-Leib and Rakhil KOREN, born in Chernyakhov and Brusilov respectively.

3. Meyer and Khave-Risya ROZENSHTEYN, born in Veledniki and Radomyshl
respectively. They were living with their married daughter and
son-in-law Nekhuma and Khaim Nukhim PITLER, the later born in

If any of those names mean anything to you, please let me know and
I'll be more than happy to send you both the census images and a full
translation on an Excel file.

Jacob Heisler
Norwalk, CT

P.S. If anyone is curious how I got them, I bought them from They have an index of various 1897 Russian census
records in modern-day Ukraine. You can also try ordering a copy from, which has the 1897 census and a whole bunch of other
Jewish Ukrainian records. Fair warning, both cost money to order the
actual record.

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