Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Alex Krakovsky's Ukrainian Records Site #ukraine

Janette Silverman

Cindy Gallard wrote:
I understand how to translate that which is in print, but computer
generated translation is of no use when it comes to the information
written is script. Other than hiring a translator, which would be most
costly, what else can one do?

Ukraine SIG volunteers have been busy for over a yer making copies of
everything Alex puts up on his site. We have now acquired close to
200,000 additional pages of records >from there. These join the records
we've been acquiring for years, and working on translating. We have well
over 600,000 pages of records still not translated. Thanks to the hard
work of project managers and their teams of volunteer and paid
translators, we have definitely been making headway but the number of
handwritten pages of documents is indeed daunting and there is no easy
way to tackle the translations and do them accurately for inclusion in
the JewishGen databases.

If you are not yet volunteering for a project or to manage a project,
now is a good time to step up to the plate and let incoming Ukraine SIG
Coordinator, Phyllis Berenson know of your willingness to help.

It has been my pleasure and privilege to be working on these projects
for the last 6 years and I know that Phyllis will take the group and its
research to the next steps.

-- Dr. Janette Silverman JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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