Ukraine SIG #Ukraine ViewMate identification: Whatever happened to Shifra Moshkovna Luchanskaya of Koshevata? #ukraine

Joseph Walder

I realize there is little chance of success here, but I am asking if
anyone with roots in Tarashcha or Koshevata, Ukraine, might have any
idea of whatever happened to Shifra Moshkovna Luchanskaya (probably
born 1894 or 1895). I worked out >from old Russian census records that
she was a second cousin to my maternal grandmother, Yenta Moiseyvna
Murakhovskaya (born 1897). The two posed together in a bunch of
photographs that I discovered last year and which date >from about 1917
to 1923, when my grandmother emigrated to the United States. Shifra
Moshkovna evidently remained in the Soviet Union, married and had at
least one child.

I have posted three photographs to Viewmate for inspection. ViewMate
#74712 shows Shifra Moshkovna alone and is dated 1917. ViewMate
#74713, dated 1925, shows her with three members of the Shepetovsky
family; the man is probably her husband. ViewMate #74714 shows her
with her husband (Beni, according to the inscription on the reverse)
and daughter (Rivulia, again according to the inscription on the
reverse). This third photo is undated but one could estimate it to be
from no earlier than about 1929.
Shifra's siblings indicated by the 1897 census include Chava (b.
1885), Chana (b. 1887), and Itij (b. 1893). Her father was Moshko Elev
(or Eliovich) Luchansky (b. 1867); her mother was Mil'ka Meyerovna (b.
1866; maiden name unknown). Her paternal grandfather was El' (Eliyahu)
Manev Luchansky (b. 1829); her paternal grandmother was Shifra.

Any help in solving this mystery would be much appreciated.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

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