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Beverley Davis

My story is a little different >from other recent messages re Russian army records >from world war one, but SIG members may find it of interest.

My uncle Leizer (Lazarus) BLATT was born in Dvinsk, Russia (later known as Denenburg, now Daugavpils, Latvia) in January 1898. When he was six months old his mother travelled to London with four children to join her husband who had come earlier. Four more children were born in London, with my late mother being the youngest.

During 1917, Britain and Russia agreed to a convention involving the introduction of conscription of Russian aliens in Britain. With the passage of an Act for the Conscripting of Friendly Aliens those Jews who were called up to the British Army were given the alternative of returning to Russia to serve in the Russian Army. Nineteen-year-old Leizer chose this option; he did not return to England, and the family presumed that he had been killed in action.

I would be doubtful (but ecstatic) if any record could be found of his service and/or his fate.

Beverley Davis
Melbourne, Australia

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