Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Poland + Ukraine 1764-1766 Jewish census images online for some towns #ukraine

Logan J. Kleinwaks

I have just posted at photographs of a
book of 1764-1766 Jewish censuses for the following towns (+ some
nearby villages), which I wrote about here in 2018:

Kingdom of Poland: Baranow (Lublin), Konskowola (Lublin) + Wlostowice,
Miedzyrzec Podlaski (Siedlce), Staszow (Radom)

Galicia: Berezhany / Brzezany, Jaroslaw, Kalush / Kalusz, Narayev /
Narajow, Peremyshlyany / Przemyslany, Sieniawa, Skole, Tarnoruda

Podolia: Hraniv / Granow, Letychiv / Latyczow, Medzhybizh / Miedzyboz,
Nikolayev / Mikolajow, Sataniv / Satanow (statistics only), Stara
Sinyava / Stara Sieniawa

Volhynia: Klevan / Klewan

I photographed the book at AGAD in Warsaw and have received written
confirmation >from AGAD that this material is in the public domain and
can be shared as long as a citation is given to the archive and file

Example citation: Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Fond 350
(Archiwum Potockich z Lancuta), Sygnatura 168.

More details are given at the link above, including a table of
contents with links to jump to the first images for each town.

Anyone is free to index this material, but, if you are interested in
doing so, you might want to first 1) announce your intentions here to
avoid duplication of effort and 2) reach out to the appropriate
Research Directors or Town Leaders at JewishGen, Gesher Galicia, or
JRI-Poland. It is my understanding that Staszow and Miedzyrzec
Podlaski have been indexed but are not yet online. I do not plan to
organize indexing myself.

Also, anyone who would like to share/post some or all of these images
elsewhere is welcome to do so -- just include the citation.

Please note that I am not affiliated with and am not
responsible for other content hosted there, I am just using it to
share and preserve public images as do the U.S. Holocaust Memorial
Museum, Leo Baeck Institute, Library of Congress, Reclaim the Records,
etc. In the future, I may post additional archival documents there
(with permission >from the archives), of both Jewish and more general
genealogical interest.

Thanks very much to AGAD and its archivists and supporters for
preserving this important material and making it available to

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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