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Dear Hadassah,

Thanks for responding. I wonder if the property archives which you mention
has a researcher who might be able to find information about my uncle's
restaurant. If so, how might I go about contacting him or her? The only
information I have is >from the 1929 Polish Business Directory which merely
lists my uncle as the reigistered owner.

Hadassah Lipsius wrote:

Both, Nicole Berline (our coordinator) and I have
ancestors that lived on Franciszkanska street.

During my recent visit to Warszawa, I visited the property archives and
viewed the file for one of the properties that my family owned on
Franciszkanska Street. The file had over 30 vital record documents include
my elusive ggm's birth record. The records included several 20th Century
documents. The file also contained some information on tenants.

You may also want to check the 1930's telephone books for Warszawa.
Several libraries have copies including the NYPL. It may not give you
much information and I am sure the number is no longer valid <grin> but it
brings your family more to life.
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