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Rivka Schiller <rivkaschiller@...>

Dear Dr. Orenstein,

I wish I had more useful info. w/ which to provide you, but it sounds like
you are on the right track. I would certainly take any of the advice
offered to you by Hadassah Lipsius, as she is totally involved with the
Warsaw list serve group. My own family--both sides of my grandmother's and
great-aunt's family--owned lucrative businesses prior to the War (although
times got bad in the early 30's/late 20's--as was the case throughout the
world), and quite frankly, I don't have the necessary details, phone
listings, etc. for either of these businesses, so I definitely empathize w/
you. The only other thing besides the phones directories might be to
contact the Jewish Institute in Warsaw (funded, I believe, by the Ron Lauder
Foundation). Perhaps they may be of help.

As for the info. that I have uncovered, it is perhaps most meaninful to
me--not necessarily of any use to other people. But one thing that I found
most interesting is that my maternal great great grandparents--surname
Pinkel--lived in the very same building complex as did Isaac Bashevis
Singer, at Krochmalna 12. At this same address were also study houses for
various Chasidic groups: Radzyminer, Minsker, and perhaps the Alexander
Chasidim. In any event, my great grandfather (surname Pszenica) became an
adherent of the Radzyminer Rebbe. Singer vividly describes this locale in
his autobiographical work, "In My Father's Court." I highly recommend it if
you are trying to get a sense of pre-WWII Warsaw.

Otherwise, there is not a great deal to tell, right now. I hope to visit
Warsaw--especially the Jewish Cemetery--sometime in the near future. That
may be the only way, ultimately, to uncover some of these missing pieces.

Best wishes,

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